Move Out/In Cleaning

Our Move Out Cleaning service is designed to comply with most property management and apartment complexes cleaning requirements. Pro Cleaning By Willy it's been around for over 5 years. Our experience allow us to understand the needs of a turn over property or the necessities of a new home owner. Letting an un-experienced cleaner do this type of work can lead to a disaster, costing you lots of money, time  and you may even end up doing some of the work your self. Pro Cleaning By Willy has the right personal, supplies and tools to make your Move Out or In Cleaning an easy and affordable experience. Call us today! (352}216-6140

What's Included?


  • Refrigerator Inside/out Full Wash and Disinfected

  • Stove Full Wash Inside/Out

  • Oven Full Wash

  • Microwave Wash and Disinfect Inside/Out

  • Dishwasher Clean Inside/Out

  • Sinks Wash and Disinfect

  • Faucets (Polishing)

  • Kitchen Counters Full Wash and Polished

  • Kitchen Cabinets Wipe Down Inside/Out

  • Clean Floor (Regular Sweep and Mop)

  • Also Cleaned Blinds, Windows, Window seals, Window Reals, Baseboards, Light Switches, AC Vents, Light Fixtures, Pantry or Food Closets


  • Wash Shower and Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass and Glass Doors

  • Clean Tubs and Scrub all Walls

  • Counters and Sinks Full Wash and Disinfect

  • Faucets (Polishing)

  • Clean all Mirrors and Any Light Fixtures

  • Toilet (Full Wash and Disinfect))

  • Bathroom Cabinets and Medicine AD Wipe Inside/Out

  • AC Vent and/or Air Extractor Dust off And/or Wipe Down

  • Floors and Base Boards (Hand Cleaned Only in Bathrooms)


Through the entire house we also clean:

  • All AC Vents

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Light Switches

  • Baseboards

  • Blinds

  • Light Fixtures

  • Doors

  • Door Knows

  • Door Frames

  • Clean all Closets

  • Vacuum all Carpeted Areas

  • Clean Windows (only inside)

  • Window Seals

  • Window Reals

  • Stair Reals, Sweep and Mop Hardwood, Wood, Marble, Tile, Stone, Vinyl (or any other type of flooring)

  • Clean Laundry Room

  • Sweep Garage

Other areas may also be cleaned at customer request. Pro-Cleaning By Willy has all of the necessary tools and trained personal to do the work. Our work is 100% guaranteed or we do it agian for free. 

Call us for an estimate or to book your Move Out Cleaning today!